Try These Different Types of Photography Themes for Your Big Wedding Day

Wedding involves a detailed thinking of various important aspects such as clothes, flower decoration, the location, and list of guests to be invited, food, budget and many more. Setting the right wedding theme is as necessary as other mentioned aspects.  The theme you choose for the wedding is the outcome of long-term imagination. It can be based on the colour, dress code, scenery, location etc. In this article, we will tell you about some of the fabulous wedding themes.


This is a very common theme and a place that is closest to the heart of every couple. For a traditional wedding, this place gives a heavenly experience and blessings for a perfect start of a new life.

A Hotel:

Organizing a wedding in a lavish hotel is a perfect way to experience the ecstasy and grandeur. You can have separate places such as spacious ballroom for dance, large hall for conducting wedding rituals, banquet hall for serving buffet etc. Based on your capacity of spending, you can enhance the level of amenities, decorations, catering etc.

A beautiful Island:

Love is in the air!! If you want the whole ambience to immerse in this lovely feeling that you are experiencing, what can be great than a lovely beach!! A beach wedding is one of those romantic themes to organize and celebrate beautiful weddings. The presence of warm breeze and the vast sea attests your grand life event and make it all the more special.

You would try plenty of different photography options in such type of theme. A beach theme is definitely going to give gorgeous pictures describing the love, beauty of the natural surroundings and indulgences.

Mountainous regions:

This is yet another wedding theme for nature lovers. A hilly region is the perfect place for a simple wedding. The marvelous and spell bound beauty of the natural surroundings looks extremely magnanimous.

Hiring a plane:

For a thrilling and adventurous wedding experience, you can even opt for this expensive theme – charter. The sight is totally magical and would take your senses to a different level of awareness. Imagine you with your invited guests and of course the priests exchanging vows in the sky to show correctness of the popular proverb that “marriages are made in heaven”. Hiring a hot air filled balloon will add more enthusiasm and passion to the occasion.

A wedding demands for perfection from beginning to the end. Selecting an exciting and remarkable wedding venue is the top priority as many other things such as wedding theme, wedding photography etc. depend on it.  It requires spending a lot of time in its elaborate planning, checking of the availability of your dream location, allocating finances and other arrangements.

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