The Best Vegetables To Grow In A Greenhouse

When people establish their greenhouse, many of them will wonder which plants are best for their small greenhouse gardening.

While there are hundreds of plants out there to choose from, not all of them are going to be among the best choices you will have. Here are some of the best options you will want to consider when you are setting up this location.


Perhaps the most basic choice a person can plant in their small greenhouse will be lettuce. These plants will grow to no more than six inches and will often grow in most soil conditions. This means that all through the year, you can effectively grow this delicious plant and have the foundation for a delicious salad.


Tomatoes are going to be another choice you will have that can be grown with the lettuce. One style, the patio tomato, will be able to thrive in most conditions. With this plant, you will have the chance to grow tomatoes in as little as six weeks and the plant can then be successfully removed and a new plant can be placed in the same location, without the concern of spreading disease.


Those who might be looking at bulb items might want to consider green onions. These are plants that don’t quite mature before they are harvested, but deliver quite a bit of flavor. You can actually keep growing onion all year round and end up with a delicious food that is going to work in a number of dishes, including the fresh salads you can prepare.


Some people would prefer to use their garden to grow spicy plants so they can have fresh peppers all year round. Since they do grow up to three feet tall and need to be planted at least two feet apart, you might find that you are going to be limited on the number of plants you can grow in some smaller greenhouses. However, with the controlled temperature in these houses, you can be certain that your plants are going to have a better chance thriving, no matter where you live.


One other option in terms of vegetables you might want to consider growing in this area will be carrots. They don’t take up too much room and the root is the part of the plant that is consumed. This is typically underground and that allows you to have more above ground solutions you can keep focused on, while still getting a hearty vegetable to grow.

Hearty Plants:

Remember, the key here is to get hearty plants to grow in a smaller environment. In addition to many of the vegetables you can find, you will also notice that herbs are going to be great to grow in a small greenhouse. In fact, there are quite a few different choices that you can place in this building that will thrive well and give you the best selections of items in your greenhouse. Some of the most common herbs that people plant include sage, thyme, oregano and even rosemary.


Of course, not everyone wants to grow food in their greenhouses and some people will be looking at some of the flowers that they can have in there instead. For example, daffodils can be a great choice. They can quickly spread through your greenhouse and give you a great selection of flowers to enjoy. If you want to transplant them later on, the growing conditions in your greenhouse will give you the ability to do so.


Snapdragons will also be an item that can thrive in this space. These are often large sets of flowers that can grow as tall as three feet. The benefit of them will be that you will have a chance to have a full spray of colors that you can admire and enjoy when you have a good selection of these flowers in place.

Additional choices for these flowers can include things like orchids, tulips, pansies, geraniums and more.

The wide range of options makes flowers in these greenhouses a great choice and it can help you to ensure that you have a welcoming place to see your favorite blooms, no matter what time of the year it is.

Make sure that you take your time to explore all the various plants that you can grow in a small greenhouse.

When possible, try to combine similar items that need the same temperatures and humidity levels to ensure you have a wide variety of options that you can continue and enjoy, no matter what time of year it might be.

Whitney Segura, aka @GardeningFun, is an advanced greenhouse grower and public relations specialist for EarthCare greenhouses. EarthCare offers one of the largest and most diverse catalogs, of small greenhouse supplies for sale in the USA. The company provides a drop ship product distribution program, that allows almost anyone to become a wholesale distributor, and ship products directly to the customer, allowing the reseller to work from anywhere.