The 5 Elements Of A Complete Fitness Routine

The complete workout routine is a routine that has taken me so long to develop and test. This routine has different phases and changes reps, sets, rest periods, frequency of training and exercises.

For both beginners and experienced athletes who want to optimize their training, a complete fitness routine must combine five elements:

Stretching Exercises

Most aerobic routines and muscle strength cause muscles to contract and flex, so it is important to include other exercises to stretch. These exercises can help prevent injuries, improve flexibility and may even help reduce stress. Ideally, stretching after exercise when muscles are warm.

Aerobic Exercise

Aerobic or cardiovascular exercise is the core of most fitness routines. By doing cardio increases heart rate and breathing and thus oxygen flow. This type of exercise improves the efficiency with which the heart, lungs and blood vessels carry oxygen through the body. Examples of aerobic exercise include walking, jogging, swimming, dancing and cycling. A good fitness routine should include at least 2.5 hours of cardio per week, preferably spread over several days.

The 5 Elements Of A Complete Fitness Routine

Exercise of Muscle Strength

Strength training not only help maintain healthy muscles, also strengthen bone mass. These exercises may delay the weakening of bone and muscle mass that occurs with aging. They also help maintain muscle mass during weight reduction programs. These exercises can be done with free weights, resistance machines, elastic bands, homemade weight or even carrying our own weight, for example, doing squats, lunges and planks. The exercise of muscle strength should be included twice a week in a good fitness routine.

Core Stability Exercises

The exercises that focus on the muscles of abdomen, lower back help protect the spine and muscles using both the upper and the lower body more effectively. The exercises that have to be worked trunk without support, such as crunches can serve this purpose.

Balance Exercises

The balance can be improved through training. This is important as poor balance with aging can lead to falls and fractures. Maintaining the balance by standing on one foot and go increasing over time can help. Ideally should be at least five times the full circuit for quality training.

Do not forget to make a good warm up and stretching before the end of the routine, to prevent injuries and achieve a complete workout at home. Just put some music and start working the body with the items you have at home.