Sharp Aquos Crystal: For A Revolutionary Smartphone Screen

The Sharp Aquos Crystal is one of the most surprising smartphones will be available the first smartphone in the U.S. Why? Its revolutionary screen borderless developed internally by Sharp brings him a new design on the market, and unique. This model is, however, available in Japan. To get one, you must go through an importer in modern design and consistent color. The UB and UH series will be equipped with Sharp’s redesigned Smart Central, and especially not incompatible with our mobile network.

Sharp Aquos Crystal: For A Revolutionary Smartphone Screen

A Dream Screen

The advantage of this device lies mainly in its display. Manufactured by Sharp, it offers much wider angles of vision than the average IPS screens. Result, This device accuses much less light loss when viewed from the side. But it is mostly the virtual absence of a rim that we put eyeful. Certainly they are not totally invisible either, but with a small millimeter-thick, they are a record. The optical illusion is almost perfect! Judge for yourself, the photos are done without cheating.

The quality of the screen display, however, remains quite modest. Its brightness is limited (369 CD / m²) and contrast ratio is quite low (900: 1). Color is not the most faithful (Delta E higher average 5).

An Input Apparatus of Range

The design of the Sharp Aquos Crystal is all the more surprising that its price is ridiculous: the US, it is only sold… 150 dollars! Indeed, apart from its modern screen, the rest of the unit immediately evokes the entry level. It is not very fine, the rear plastic shell lacks class and its performance is very average.

The device is equipped with a less powerful processor (Snapdragon 400) that is not a miracle. The interface is fluid in applications, but things go wrong with advanced video games. As for the OS, we find here in the version Android 4.4.2 embellished with a few minor features.

And autonomy side, this is not ideal. Without a SIM card, the Sharp Aquos held just over 6 hours in our new multi-test (severe with the processor). It’s little, knowing he would still have lost some valuable minutes if it was connected to a wireless network.

The Sharp Aquos Crystal is not the ideal smartphone, but it opens up serious prospects in terms of design for smartphones.