Plan A Wedding & Reception You’ll Never Forget

With us now being just a few weeks into a new year, many are now full swing into planning their wedding. Perhaps you got engaged over the Christmas and New Year period and are jumping straight into planning your big day or perhaps you wanted to get the year’s festivities out of the way before throwing yourself head on into the planning for your wedding. Either way, January is a busy time for those planning their celebrations, both in terms of the ceremony itself and the evening’s reception. As such, we wanted to take a look at what we believe are the most important areas for you to consider and get booked up, in many cases as far in advance as possible.


Book Your Venue

Until you know the date of your big day, there’s very little else you can get booked up. As such, it’s important that one of the very first things which you do when planning your wedding is to book your venue. You need to decide whether you’re wanting a Church wedding followed by a reception in a venue of your choice or whether you’d prefer to have everything all under one roof. The bottom line all comes down to whether you’re wanting a religious ceremony or not, however whichever you opt for, you need to get a date in the diary sooner rather than later. Get yourself some viewings booked up and head out on a few day trips to view a number of venues before making a decision and putting down a deposit.

Book Your Photographer

The very best photographers get booked up months, sometimes years, in advance and, as such, as soon as you know the date of your big day, it’s important that you secure your ideal photographer. We recently caught up with Francesca Hill, a leading wedding photographer in Cardiff, who outlined that it’s not uncommon for enquiries to come in 2 years in advance in some instances and that, by now, summer 2016 is already getting booked up. Don’t waste time and delay on choosing a photographer. It’s the photos which you’ll have to keep to remember your wedding and, as such, you’ll always want the very best photographer you can find. As soon as you’ve got a date, this needs to be first on your ‘to-do’ list.

Book The Entertainment

Just as is the case with photographers, the very best entertainment gets booked up far in advance so it’s important to decide upon the type of entertainment you want at your reception and get a booking made. Some prefer to opt for a DJ whilst others prefer a live covers band, however if you want something special and one of the very best acts, you’ll need to be prepared to pay a decent fee, as well as book months ahead. The entertainment really does make the night, however and, as far as we’re concerned, the top bands are worth every penny!

Think Of Those Extra Special Touches

Why settle for doing things the same as everyone else does when you could add an extra special touch to your wedding and make it really stand out? Why not hire luxury toilets from the likes of Regency Toilets for an outdoor wedding or hire a company to bring in ice sculptures for your Christmas wedding? It doesn’t take too much to think outside the box and do something extra special, however it can make a huge difference to the overall ‘WOW’ factor of the day!

Above all, it does take time to plan a wedding, however the earlier you can start, the easier it is and, ultimately, the better prepared you’ll be for that extra special day!