Military Equipment That Could Come Handy During Invasion

Nowadays, wars and violent terrorist attacks are unfortunate staples of global news. It almost never happens at all that viewers get to watch news segments that do not involve mindless assaults on all groups of people everywhere in the world. People have understandably become more vigilant in light of these circumstances.

One of the most unfortunate things that could take place following violence of a massive scale is invasion–when armed people cross over the borders of your country and claim the land and its inhabitants as theirs. This is something that, hopefully, no one should ever have to experience. Nevertheless, it would certainly not hurt to be prepared if one should ever happen. Listed below are some of the military equipment Singapore that may prove to be very useful in case of an attack.

  1. Military Footwear –If an attack should happen in your country and has begun spreading anywhere near your property, you might eventually consider making a run for it somewhere you can hide. That means you would have to consider hiding up in the mountains or in a dense forest. While trekking, you are going to need the help of sturdy footwear such as a good pair of army boots which are designed to withstand very harsh conditions. Mere sneakers will eventually wear out and slippers are unimaginable to wear and run in on uneven ground.
  2. Night Vision Goggles – One of the many things that people need to learn in order to survive an ordeal like an invasion is stealth. The best accompaniment to achieving this would be the dark or the shadows which you will find plenty of when it’s the dead of the night. Unfortunately, we’re not equipped with owl-like vision to be able to see even without lights. That’s why we need night vision goggles to help us with this. It can be used both when making an escape without being noticed, or just looking out for sneaky intruders.
  3. Knives and Swords – Arguably the category that is most important; a weapon is very useful not only for defense but also in various crafting necessary for survival. A knife may come in handy should you need to protect yourself and create the least possible amount of sound while you’re at it. Also in skinning animals and hunting, or sharpening wooden stakes used for whatever purpose. These are included in the list of military equipment available in Singapore.
  4. Law Enforcement Gear This includes police scanners which may help alert you to coming danger; handcuffs, should you find the need for one; Kevlar vests for extra added protection; and batons or night sticks, for close quarter combat.

An invasion is a horrifying thing, but with alertness and knowledge in how to use military equipment one can purchase in Singapore, it is quite possible to make it until rescue.

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