How Konica Minolta Products Make Your Office More Environmentally Friendly

Now more than ever it is important for each and every company to become greener than they already are. You must strive to find innovative ways in which you can help the environment, and there are various products out there that can help you along the way.

Products such as those from Konica Minolta are a great place to start, as they take their responsibility as a corporation to provide green printing solutions seriously. On its official website, it describes the protection of the environment as an “essential part of our company’s management philosophy”.

UK Policy

Konica Minolta has a policy within the UK to ensure everybody within the company is working towards a greener future. Within that policy are things such as:

  • Achieving best practice by complying with all relevant legal requirements with regards to the environment.
  • The willingness to seek out potential business partners that share similar sustainable development practices goals.
  • Communicate environmental responsibilities throughout the workforce in an efficient and transparent way.
  • Minimise the potential harm products could cause to the environment and placing a high priority on those that do have high risk.
  • Reduce consumption and minimise waste – focusing on recycling, reuse and energy efficiency.

Green Technologies

While Konica Minolta is continuously developing its technologies to be amongst the best and most cost effective in the world, it is interested in doing so in a green manner. Emphasis is placed on the environment during the creation of these technologies, which include the following.

IH Fusing Technology – Konica Minolta adopted this energy efficient fusing unit.

Simitri HD – Toner developed right at Konica Minolta. It has an incredibly low impact on the environment during its production, use and recycling process.

Smaller Packaging – Lower carbon emissions are a result of the fact that more cartridges can now fit onto a pallet, because of their reduced size.

Low TEC Value – A TEC value is the average weekly electricity consumption of an electrical product.


WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) is a European Union directive that sets targets with regards to the disposal of electrical products. Konica Minolta abides by the scheme in order to demonstrate its desire to reduce carbon emissions.

They have entered into several partnerships with recycling companies to ensure that, when equipment reaches its end of life, all materials and components are disposed of in the safest and greenest way possible.


In order to showcase just how committed Konica Minolta is to a green way of life, their website lists several of the awards it has won as a result of its initiatives. They include:

  • Konica Minolta Included in FTSE4Good Global Index for Tenth Consecutive Year
  • Green Apple Award – National Environmental Best Practice 2012
  • FTSE4Good Global Index – 2012
  • Green Apple Award – National Environmental Best Practice 2011
  • Basildon Business Awards – Environmental Awareness 2011

If you’re environmentally conscious and want to utilise the fantastic, green products developed by Konica Minolta, then contact Photocopier Supplier for further information.