Hiring Insured Painters Is A Good Idea

Things are changing and a lot of people are coming to appreciate their surrounding through proper painting and décor. Getting the right painter can be quite daunting and many people have regretted later into their project why they never chose insured and professional painters. Moloney Painting is no ordinary painting company; they have been in the market long enough and understand the entire matrix that the job requires.

There are a lot of Painters in Victoria BC and making the right choice can be confusing if not mind boggling.  Why do you need an insured painter?  Do they come with anything special?  It is important to note that not all advertising companies offer the same services.  Neither do they offer quality services; others like Moloney understand all that the job requires.  They will come and supervise the job at hand before giving a price.

Hiring Insured Painters Is A Good Idea

What should you do before hiring a painter?


You can do this online or through word of mouth.  Have a list to work with and interview each on its own.  The interview process should include date of completion, payment terms, and contractual terms.


Painting is a very delicate job and more often than not, painters have to move through your house and office.  Can you trust them moving around your home without insurance?  What if in the process they destroy or damage a few things, who will meet the cost?

This is not new and many home owners have had to repair damages left behind by unprofessional painters.  With an insured painter all such matters will be handled effectively.

Sign a Contract

Is it necessary to sign a contract?  Absolutely yes!  It is only through the contract that you’ll be able to make any claims in case the job is substandard and or claim any form of damages.  Most companies have their contracts but if you feel you need to have your own, you can do so with discussion with you painter.

It is only at – Moloney Painting where you’ll be able to find an up to detail cost.  They use quality products and ensure that all their staff clears after them. They do not believe in doing a shoddy job as they have a name to protect and a customer to protect in any all cases.

Their staff interestingly will not leave your premises until a customer signs out the satisfaction sheet.  In case of after sale services, they are more than glad to send an officer to site.   In case of accidents or injury they will be able to compensate their staff for all their injuries.

Lastly, they ensure that home owners enjoy their stay without any disruptions during the whole process.  They have an excellent staff who will work round the clock to ensure your comfort comes first.