Galaxy Note Edge vs iPhone 6 Plus: Get Your Beast

Today, technology is improving day by day, so most of the people using a Smartphone for all purposes because it gives you everything. The new Galaxy Note Edge has increased against the iPhone 6 Plus. Both are released in September 2014 as well as both are touch screen model. The Samsung Galaxy Note Edge comes with the Quad HD super AMOLED display.

Galaxy Note Edge vs iPhone 6 Plus

Features And Specifications

The dimensions of the Galaxy Note Edge are about 151.30 x 82.40 x 8.30 and the dimension for iPhone 6 plus are about 158.10 x 77.80 x 7.10. The battery capacity for the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge and the iPhone 6 Plus is about 3000 mAh and 2815 mAh. The screen size of Galaxy Note Edge is 5.60 inches and the iPhone 6 Plus has 5.50 inches. The Samsung Galaxy Note Edge has 1440 x 2560 pixels and the iPhone 6 plus has 1080 x 1920 pixel resolutions. The Galaxy Note Edge has 3GB random access memory and the iPhone 6 plus has only 1 GB random access memory. The rear camera for Galaxy Note Edge is about 16 mega pixels, but the rear camera of Apple iPhone 6 plus has only 8 mega pixels and both have a flash light. The front camera on the Galaxy Note Edge and the iPhone 6 Plus is about 3.7 mega pixels and 1.2 mega pixels. So you can know from all the given above things is that Galaxy Note Edge is better than the iPhone 6 because the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge has new advanced features and specifications.

Special Things In Galaxy Note Edge

You may check your heart rate with the sensor on the back of the phone. The night clock shows the time when the main screen is in the off state, this is better if you are using your mobile as your alarm clock. You can answer the call without any exiting app you are using. You can replace your battery easily as well as you can include much storage with the MicroSD card space. This comes with the stylus for taking notes and drawing purposes. By using this Smartphone, you can use curved portion screen to switch in between the favorite apps without need to go back into the home screen. The greatest thing is that you can run 2 apps once on a similar screen. Another thing is that if you use charger and it comes with Note Edge, then you can charge your battery very rapidly. You can easily shrink your screen for an easy one-handed use as well as you can shrink your keyboard for a one handed typing. Whatever apps you want to add into your phone, you can easily add those apps. You can charge through the Micro USB in the Galaxy Note Edge but the iPhone cannot do this. So you people can enjoy more with the fantastic Galaxy Note Edge as well as you can get more entertainment. After the release of Galaxy Note Edge, the new Galaxy Note Edge 2 will be released, this also would have advanced features and specifications.