Aerobic Exercise For Anxiety And Stress

Running and cycling are good examples of aerobic exercise, as they represent physical activities that help improve and maintain a healthy physical condition, within these benefits are also necessary to emphasize that aerobic is excellent for anxiety and stress.

Aerobics Against Anxiety

A growing problem in modern society, anxiety is suffering that many people want to control alternatives exist to do so and including aerobic exercise stands out as a great proposal.

Therefore, for those with a high level of anxiety the running is an effective tool to control, something that has been scientifically proven through working groups after aerobic training decreased their level of anxiety and its effects persisted between two and five hours.

When gradually physical activity can reduce not only anxiety but also increase self-esteem and control depression. Many experts propose an intermediate intensity aerobic exercises to achieve a significant reduction in anxiety states.

Scientific tests have shown that cycling decreases anxiety lift more weight on the contrary weightlifting actually increases stress during the sixty minutes later.

Aerobic Exercise For Anxiety And Stress

But if you combine aerobics and weight the effects of anxiety decrease between 10 minutes and until after 60 minutes, generating a delayed effect may be perceived as just about ten minutes after completion of physical activity.

Stress is a problem that society faces and presented in different forms with symptoms ranging from abnormal heart rhythm to a faster breathing translated to the body in a state of “danger” that continue over time can cause damage due to the rise of adrenaline.

Stress is a disease that affects millions of people worldwide and often dominates the body and can not be treated resent putting manifest physical problems such as increased blood pressure, muscle tension, and increased blood glucose level.

Exercise is an effective mechanism for managing stress and that through good training can reduce their levels. The body produces effective responses when aerobic exercise to manage stress and anxiety, hence people who play sports regularly tend to be quieter to problems.

Aerobic exercises are an excellent aid to help lower stress and other physical activities among recommends moderate intensity such as walking, dancing, swimming or biking for 30-60 minutes a day at least three times week.

In conclusion we can say that the practice of sports and physical exercise produces a remarkable mental comfort and psychological improvement, causing an improvement in self-esteem and benefiting physical problems such as hypertension, diabetes and various psychiatric disorders.