5 Mistakes That Keep You Slim

1. Fruit and vegetables are complete and nutritious foods that are not fattening.

Both fruit and vegetables are extremely poor in protein and fat foods, so it can not be considered complete foods and much less nutritious or regenerators. In addition, marketing and storage processes in the case of fruit, and cooked in vegetables, makes them lose a high percentage of vitamins, it is the quality that most frequently attributed to them. If in addition we take in the form of juice also make them lose the fiber, which have almost no truly significant nutritional quality when we eat.

The athletes, who may require additional inputs of energy, we must consider fruit as a light energy food since their high water content makes fructose containing blood joins relatively slowly, especially if taken together with other foods that contain protein and fat, delaying digestion, reduce their glycemic index. It is important that in any case consider fruits or vegetables as complete and regenerative food and believe that only with them, we have nurtured optimally.

2. False recommended protein, fat and carbohydrate percentages.

As a result of having considered nutrient which is only energy for the past 50 years we have been recommending that: “A balanced diet consists of 10-15% protein, 50-60% carbohydrate and 30-35% fat “. Suppose for a moment that these proportions were correct and recommended, for whom it would be? Each individual is different and has different needs. Men, women, athletes, obese, thin … It is absolutely wrong to recommend the same percentages of fuel and nutrients to such disparate needs.

3. To lose weight you have to eat less.

This recommendation as accepted and constantly repeated by the media is totally false and dangerous !. The true underlying cause of most cases of anorexia. Eating less leads only to weaken, our metabolism and descend come a time in which, whatever we eat fattening. The only truly effective and healthy way to lose weight is to “eat more and better” all that nourishes, strengthens and regenerates our muscles and fine fabrics and “do not eat anything or nothing” junk food, empty calories that only “feed” our fat stores.

4. Consider equivalent, from a nutritional point of view, all the calories come from fat, carbohydrates, protein and alcohol.

This error, which incur most nutrition experts, is one of the most dangerous, because in practice, when the menu of breakfast or lunch consists not being conscious of the importance, for good health, maintain a sufficient and steady intake of protein and fat. All calories are equal only from the point of view of energy provided (a calorie) but from the standpoint of the ability to nourish and regenerate our cells not look anything like a calorie of protein and other fats or carbohydrates.

5. Constant recommendation to reduce fat intake.

In today’s world there is a real obsession with reducing fat intake, among both professionals and consumers. It has been demonized fats and are considered Bad, because they have 9 calories per gram and good for carbohydrates because they only have 4, without delving into the effects or other needs of a medium and long term.

Carbohydrates should be considered only as fuel since they contain no chemical elements required by our cells or components thereof are, while fats are essential and indispensable in many processes animal metabolism and cell regeneration, and reduction below limits is very dangerous and harmful to health. Therefore, the drastic reduction in the consumption of fats (essential nutrients) that has been experienced in recent decades in the United States and other developed countries has brought strong nutritional deficiencies, an increase of obesity and all degenerative diseases .