10 Tips For Preparing Your Car For Winter

Winter approaches and temperatures, although they resist, begin to drop. We will give 10 tips to prepare your car for winter:

With the drop in temperatures and adverse weather conditions is essential to carry out proper maintenance of our car, for that, I’ll give some practical advice:

1. Very important, tires. Are the elements that unite our car with tar, so they are vital to our security. If it rains, and our tires are in poor condition, the possibility of aquaplaning increases, so it is critical review.

If you live in a place where it is cold, you can choose to mount winter tires, which are able to offer a very high grip on water, ice and snow, dry asphalt, provided it is below 10 ° C.

2. The Chains. They are an element that often hate, but very important if you plan to do some traveling in hilly terrain or on days where snowfall alert at low altitude. Very important: Make sure you know assemble them before leaving.

3. Check level of antifreeze. If not adequate, with low temperatures can freeze water radiator which prevent us from starting the engine.

4. Check the battery. From the third year, the battery should be reviewed in the workshop, especially when cold temperatures arrive. With the cold increases the possibility of discharge, and leave you lying. Also, take tweezers in the car, they can get you out of trouble in a given when the battery discharge time.

10 Tips For Preparing Your Car For Winter

5. Engine oil. If you live in an area where temperatures are low, it is best to opt for a low-viscosity (5W-40 for example). So you will improve the resistance of the motor.

6. The wipers. Change them if they make noise operation leave no trace of water. In the winter are essential for us to have good visibility when it rains or snows.

7. Lights. In winter, dusk before and there is more chance of rain, snow or fog, it is essential that you check the lights, for your own safety and that of others. If your car has halogen lights, if they are not you can easily change it is highly recommended that you carry spare bulbs, in case you melt some.

8. Braking System. Keep in mind that rain, the braking distance is doubled, and with ice tenfold. Therefore, it is vital to review both the brake discs and pads, and in many cases much forgotten, brake fluid.

9. First aid kit. It is advisable to carry a first aid kit with bandages, cotton tape … and a blanket if the case where you get shot and you cannot put the heating, you can you entertain if temperatures are low.

10. If you go on a trip, remember to fill the tank completely, because if you’re staying in a traffic jam for hours, low temperature, you must leave the engine running to warm up with the heat.

Many of these recommendations seem obvious, but for that reason, we often overlook and never has been most memorable for everyone’s safety.