Why CT1 Could Well Be The Only Sealant & Adhesive You Need

Whether you work in a trade or are a keen DIY’er, there’s absolutely no doubting the fact that you’ll have numerous different tubes of sealants and adhesives, all which serve very similar purposes and do very similar things. It’s annoying, if a little inconveniencing at times, to have to store and transport (in the case of tradespeople) numerous different tubes of very similar products and, as such, surely it would be fantastic if there was one single product which could replace all of these different ones. If this sounds like a product which would be of interest to you; you’re in luck! CT1 Unique All In One Sealant & Construction Adhesive has a whole host of uses, which we’ll look at below, as well, of course, as replacing many different tubes of similar products. If you’re looking for a product which is both a sealant and adhesive, CT1 is certainly the product you’re looking for. CT1_x_12_white[6][5] Without the need to use any other fixings and fasteners, CT1 offers an incredibly strong bond on a whole range of materials ranging from metals to glass and wood. It really is a one-stop, multi-purpose, waterproof, hybrid polymer sealant and adhesive which has a whole host of applications in both construction and DIY. Perhaps the most noteworthy feature of CT1 is the fact that is can be used in both wet and dry applications, meaning you no longer need to worry about finding an adhesive for those times when the materials may be damp. This may really be the ultimate sealant and adhesive and if you’ve not yet tried it, we strongly advise you to purchase a tube and put it through its paces yourself! Why not give it a try for a week as a replacement for the whole host of other similar products you currently carry? We’re fairly certain you won’t look back and that CT1 will be a very much welcomed addition to your toolbox!