Utility of Metal Tiles For Ceilings

Metal tiles are becoming increasingly popular as a material for use in tiled ceilings. Metal ceilings tiles have been used in construction industry for thousands of years. They are more versatile than plaster. They offer numerous advances for the users as well as the building they have been placed in. Drywalls and wood tiles have a number of defects and problems that metal tiles do not possess.

Utility of Metal Tiles For Ceilings

Defects in Wood Tiles and Dry Walls:

  • Wood and drywalls can crack.
  • They can shift and cause irregular surfaces.
  • Wood can shrink in certain conditions which make the ceiling lose its visual appeal.
  • These surfaces can warp which weakens them. They can fall and hurt somebody.
  • Peeling is a commons sight for plastered ceilings.
  • Wood can rot due to an excess of moisture and fall off. It can result in harm for the occupants of the room.

Advantages of Metal Tiles to be used at Homes:

  • Metal Tiles Increase the Value of Homes

Metal tile ceilings are long lasting, durable and elegant.  Thus, they can add value to your home. Metal tiled ceilings can look extremely elegant. At the same time, these metal tiles can last for a long time and are durable. They are resistant to damage as well. Adding metal tiles can significantly add to the value of the home.

  • Strength Is Provided To Structure

As they are made up of metal, it is resistant to damages. Metal is impervious to most kinds of damage. A plastered ceiling can be damaged in number of ways. Metal cannot be damaged so easily on the other hand. Metal tiled ceilings will never rot or crack. They do not absorb moisture either. This allows the ceiling to remain strong and the strength is imparted to the structure of the building as well.

  • Resistant To Moisture

A major disadvantage to the plaster ceiling is their weakness when comes to moisture. Accumulated water and condensation can damage the ceiling harshly. Water can accumulate in those ceilings and condensation may take place depending on the weather conditions. The damage in these situations can be quite extensive. The damage can be repaired but the costs of the repair project can be quite high. In certain cases, the only way to repair the damage would be reconstruct the ceilings completely.

  • Resistant To Damage

Wooden and plastered ceilings can get damaged due to mold and mildew. These surfaces will warp or crack over a period of time. Peeling is common as well. However, metal tiled ceilings do not suffer from these problems. These ceilings are less likely to crack. Once you have installed metal ceiling at your place, you need not to be worried about the repair. Since these ceilings do not get damaged they will last for a long time. The costs of maintenance will be reduced as they may only need to be maintained after a long time.

  • Availability of Styles

Metal tiles are not boring and plain items. They are available in a number of different styles. These tiles can be constructed from different metals such as the following

  • Copper
  • Chrome
  • Brass
  • Aluminum

The metallic surfaces can be given various coatings such as polished and powder coatings. These coatings can enhance their durability as well as style. Additionally, metal tiles can be constructed in intricate patterns to provide alluring visual effects to the room.

  • Resistant To Fire

Metal tiles are highly resistant to fire. They are not inflammable substances like wood. Wooden or plastered ceilings can catch fire easily. Metal tiles have been deemed to be a much safer option in case of fire.

  • They can be painted to match any décor:

The main advantage of metal ceiling is that they are versatile. Thus, they can be finished to suit any décor.

  • The Low Need for Maintenance

Metal tiled ceilings do not require a lot of upkeep. They do not get damaged easily which removes the need for tile replacements on a regular basis. They need very little care as well as they do not get stained quickly. Dust will accumulate but that is normal for all ceilings and that can be cleaned easily.

  • Ease of Installation

The installation of metal tiles is a much easier process than the construction of plastered ceilings. They are lighter and they can be attached to the ceilings faster. The process of installing these tiles can be completed in very little time.

  • They hide imperfections:

They are ideal for covering plastic ceiling that are in need of repair.

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