The Selfies Can Cause Mental Problems

The selfies fashion seems very innocent at first glance may have a deeper background of which seems at first. And, behind the habit of hanging a selfie frequently in social networks is the desire to receive recognition from others. Therefore, if you do not have the expected response to social level, it is possible to suffer sadness and disappointment.

Several mental health specialists say that the lack of confidence in oneself causes big problems for the future and develop obsessive behaviors such as the “selfies” popular.

Sadness can be so deep that even the risk of depression run. Post photos in order to receive approval by friends and acquaintances places the human being in a vulnerable position because it is important to learn to live according to their own criteria.

The fashion shows in late childhood selfies, how technology will increasingly occupy space in the leisure of young twenty-first century. And when the time comes, we should remember the importance of eye contact because the humane treatment and personal contact providing self-esteem, sense of humor, confidence, strengthens the bonds of friendship, and increases levels of vitality.

The Selfies Can Cause Mental Problems

The main objective is to seek social recognition, and is not bad, but there are two sides: those with a few “likes” are given by well served, and who do their best to attract the largest number of approvals because they need it, and then it becomes a recognition network addiction.

Those who do not achieve the desired result, published a new photo to see if the results are different, that’s where trust can be damaged if the answer remains the same.

The lack of confidence and self esteem causes nerves, doubts and unhappiness, problems that can then finish on major issues such as fear, depression, jealousy and susceptible personality.

Instead, through social networks is an obvious paradox occurs. There are people who have many contacts, virtual receive much feedback, but inside they feel alone.

Practice selfie as unreliable can be a fun experience, making it standard may not be so positive. Among other things, it is healthy to value personal privacy in social networks and learn to enjoy life now without others having to do those moments through a photo.

The “selfies” may also slow the growth of countries that are in development, as lack of confidence in young prevents look beyond what is found in a setting close to them, in addition to that new generations might be lacking leadership without creative and innovative capacity.