Is The .Net Framework 4.0 Certification Right For You?

The .Net Framework 4.0 certification [exam code: 70-515-C#] is aimed at attesting the skills and knowledge of a Web applications developer in the Framework 4.0 of ASP.NET. The 70-515-C# exam is meant for experienced web application developers and its therefore important to evaluate if you fit into the criteria. Besides, the certification should also be able to help you scale up to the next level in your current organization or the new one you wish to move to or boost your existing package.

Here are a few basic questions answered to help you find out if the 70-515-C# certification is beneficial for you.

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What is the .net Framework 4.0 Certification?

The .Net Framework 4.0 certification is the latest certification offered by Microsoft’s ASP.Net platform for Web applications developers. The examination is available in two coding languages namely, C# and VB. One of the languages need to be selected before attempting the exam.

The .Net Framework 4.0 exam preparations can be done using a large number of resources available online including video tutorial, books, presentations. Aspirants can also connect with various online forums to get their preparation hurdles sorted from the already certified programmers. Alternatively, IT professionals can get themselves enrolled for various .Net boot camp training which offers a thorough insight into what needs to be known for the certification.


IT professionals who wish to undertake the 70-515-C# exam need to have a minimum of 2-3 years of experience in Web application development using .NET 3.5 and 4.0 Framework.

Why Consider the .net Framework 4.0 Certification?

Getting certified in .Net Framework 4.0 will benefit individuals in the more ways than one.

  • The certification will prove the programmer’s expertise and knowledge in Microsoft technologies and products.
  • The certification will enhance the programmer’s chances of getting a higher pay scale or land a promotion.
  • Application developers having elementary knowledge and certifications can undertake this certification to upgrade their knowledge levels and credentials thereby getting industry level recognition.
  • Once into the family of Microsoft certified professionals, individuals can get special discounts and offers on various Microsoft products.

Who is the Certification Meant For?

The 70-515-C# certification is ideal for application developers using Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 and Microsoft VS .Net 2010 to create applications. Candidates appearing for this exam should have worked with Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 or even with later releases. They should also possess sound fundamental knowledge of either of the .NET Framework 4.0’s programming languages – Visual Basic or C#. Understanding of the newer features of Visual Studio 2010 will also be beneficial for the certification.

So, is the .Net Framework 4.0 certification apt for your career?

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