Htc One M9 Specs Rumor Claims Big Changes And Entitled The Screen 5.5 Inches

Rumors begin around the HTC One M9 and there would be many changes in outlook, including a 5.5-inch screen, the abandonment of the sensor “UltraPixel” and a boss sound rather than the Beats. High-end phones with a superb finish and outstanding design. As the year 2015 is not yet started, the rumors about the new One arrives. China claims to have details on the specs for the HTC One M9; If the leak is accurate, there are some pretty big changes in store for the next HTC One.

The HTC One M8 will obviously entitle to a successor who will likely take the name of HTC One M9 if the brand follows its logic. HTC would provide a fairly robust configuration.

A 5.5 inch display with QHD screen (2560 x 1440) and a quad-core processor from Qualcomm: Snapdragon 805 SoC,  we already found in the Galaxy Note 4 – backed by 3GB of RAM. 16 Megapixels with optical image stabilization, It is interesting to note that the Taiwanese firm and would ignore the 64-bit processor, whereas they should normally be democratized in 2015. We would find such Sony. The battery would display for its capacity of 3500 mAh. Leaving pretty good guess and autonomy. So much for the material side of HTC One M9, the future flagship of HTC should be just as good to see better than its predecessors. Taiwanese giant has established a partnership with Bose, which promises a must sound quality.

Over the years HTC has always been to focus on two characteristics of its smartphones, sound and picture. If one believes MyDrivers, HTC would change a little strategy on these two points that are dear to him.

In terms of sound, the partnership with Beats would end in favor of Bose. Recently acquired by Apple, the firm Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine not really deceive HTC, who may prefer not to feed the coffers of its competitor.

Change also in the picture. Until the field of innovation for the company with the “ultra pixel” sensor that has not convinced everyone on the M7 and the “camera duo” M8, M9 adopt a more conventional sensor with a 16 MP optical stabilizer. The smartphone should be presented at the 2015 in early March. A “premium” version would also be in the pipes, no details yet.

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