How To Lose Weight, and Maintain Your Ideal Weight

We all know how difficult it is for many healthy people lose weight and keep your ideal weight, overweight typically associated with the accumulation of fatty tissue leads us to make extreme diets and then recover lost and some extra kilos.

This reality becomes a never ending cycle, we are overweight, we do a diet, got off some weight, abandon the diet, we recover the same or more weight we lost; again the same until we got tired and overweight becomes a health issue for us.

We narrow the fact that some people are overweight because of some disease or illness, in these cases the solution should be directed by the doctor or specialist, assigning treatment and everything necessary to restore health.

In general, for healthy people with accumulation of fat and excess weight, stylize the figure and firm the muscles do not have to make a series of sacrifices and efforts never ending, instead simply change certain habits of life for begin to notice improvements in this regard.

The accumulation of fat in our body is directly dependent on genetic factors and metabolism, the earlier can not do anything but can influence metabolism so that we get at least hold off the weight gain due to accumulation of fatty tissue.

Consider that:

  • If we increase physical activity lose weight.
  • If we eat less lose weight.
  • If diminish physical activity gain weight.
  • If we eat too much gain weight.

These four conditions are not rigid and alone do not guarantee the gain or weight loss, we must find a balance between them to achieve our goal in this regard.

Our body adapts to the conditions to which we submit, if you provide a few foods your metabolism will slow down to conserve power, which is why restrictive diets fail most of the time. Therefore, if you eat very little and rarely a day for sustained metabolism is lowered and slightly tapering.

On the other hand, if we eat the right foods in small portions three or more times a day, we are providing our body enough to run elements, this speeds up the metabolism without inducing energy saving allowing nourished properly while you lose weight by decreasing tissue fatty.

If our diet is adequate but we want to promote fat loss rather than weight to stylize the figure, we must consider our physical activity. To improve the shape and size of the muscles needed physical exercise, ie we play sports or workout in our muscles.

If we add to our activities, routines, weight training, sports or practice such as yoga, dance or other, we can increase our metabolism even more as we get additional benefits from such activities.

Here you do not have regular physical activity, and proper motions when handling the remote control of the TV, or elbow flexes when we drinks or beer to our lips, I mean really incorporate comprehensive and regular training sessions; We will not provide benefit enroll in the gym and go a few times a month, it must be consistent, because the benefits of physical activity does not get in the overnight, however they are slow and progressive.

In short, we need to get a balance between our diets and physical activiad we make, the more major activity will be nutrient requirements; Low activity, fewer nutrients need.

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