Everything You Wanted To Know About Split System Air Conditioner

With global warming increasing at a rapid pace, it is becoming highly difficult to live without air conditioners in most parts of the world. As the demand for air conditioners has gone up in the last few decades, there are many different types that are emerging. Before you buy an air conditioner, it is important for you to know the various types of models available in the market. One such type is known as split system air conditioner. So how is this type of an air conditioner different as compared to a conventional one?

Everything You Wanted To Know About Split System Air Conditioner

To begin with, this type of an air conditioner is the one that does not require any drilling work into your walls. It does not necessity duct work or any sort of holes. This is a great option for people who do not want to drill holes into their walls in order to install air conditioners. Most of the people living as tenants find this option great because the landlords do not permit tenants to drill holes into walls.

As the name would suggest, a split air conditioner splits the hot air from the cool air inside the system. There is a cold coil and expansion valve in the cold side of this type of air conditioner. These parts are most probably located in a type of air handler, mostly furnace. The hot side of the air conditioner is also known as the condensing unit. It is located outside the air conditioner premises.

In most cases the condensing unit of split system air conditioner is massive in size. This is the reason why you will see such air conditioners used in huge buildings. For instance – malls, warehouses, huge office spaces and big size departmental stores use this kind of air conditioners.

One of the biggest advantages of using a split system air conditioner is the fact that is saves a lot of space as far as the installation is concerned. If you choose for the conventional air conditioners, you will have to keep a good amount of space for its installation. However, with split air conditioner, you just have to find the right space for the condenser and the rest of the job is done.

Another advantage of opting for split system air conditioner is that it is available in a number of styles and designs. There are not too many styles available when you set out to buy a conventional air conditioner. However, a split AC will offer you plenty of options. You will invariably find something that will gel perfectly with your overall house interiors. The main reason why there are so many designs available in this type of AC is because it usually stands upright. Hence, the manufacturers can add a lot more style and designing to the machine. Also, you will find split air conditioners available in more color options as well.

This type of air conditioner produces far less noise. Unfortunately, traditional air conditioners are known to create noise. This can be disturbing, mostly in the night. However, with split system air conditioner you need not worry about this aspect at all.

This type of air conditioner is easily available in the market. If you do not wish to roam around in the town and look for one then you can always look for one online. There are plenty of vendors available online. In fact, there is all chance that you will come across a great discount offer if you choose to buy this kind of air conditioner online.

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