7 Tips For Buying On The Internet Or Pay By Card Safely

For some of us, it is a joy to walk the malls and other shopping streets looking for birthday gifts or festival offers. Every reason in the world to shop online. The bargains are there. The selection is mind-boggling. The shopping is secure. Shipping is fast. For others, it is hell or simply impossible due to lack of time. Sometimes it becomes even marathon. If the desired product is no longer available anywhere.

Since the internet is, refractory in the race to street gift shop can avoid this punishment and quietly searching online gift ideas. Remains the last step, the most delicate: online payment, which is usually done by credit card. How not to be fooled and You also need to check that the website is trustworthy.

1. Don’t Buy In Any Store

Important first step: the choice of the shop. When you have a choice, prefer an online store that you already know the reputation or because you have already used. Make sure that the general terms and the conditions of sale are accessible, the physical address of the company must be clearly indicated with a means of contact (phone, email).

If you do not have a choice and you have doubts about the reliability of a vendor, please contact them by phone or email pretext to check the availability of a product. Do research on the internet with the name of the store.

2. Never “in the clear”

A credit card number is to be entered on a special secure page that needs to be encrypted to prevent the number to be intercepted by a third party. These pages are easily recognizable by Secure of HTTPS that appears at the beginning of the address or padlock present in the address bar. You can also enable your VPN. If ever you subscribe to a service of this type.

Secure Page

On the other hand, bank card numbers should never go through a simple contact form or via email. Ideally, your credit card number should almost never transmitted over the internet.

3. Use an Alternative Payment Method

Online shopping sites sometimes offer alternative means of payments to the credit card. Some propose eg payment via PayPal, so you do not always provide your card number. However, it should open a PayPal account by providing your credit card number or the account.

Bank transfers can also be an interesting alternative if you can make online payments. The seller usually asked to note the reference to find the transaction. However, it should not be too hasty, validation of the order being longer than when paying by card.

4. Enable 3D Secure

Banking organizations have addressed these security issues and most banks or card (Blue Card, Visa, Mastercard) offers security solutions such as 3-D Secure, an Internet payment secure protocol.

Date of birth, code card, code by SMS… all banks do not offer the same type of security. Check with your advisor what kind of security features of your card and how do I enable before making purchases online.

5. Use a Prepaid Card

If you do not have a card, bank account or you pay special that your numbers not circulate on the internet, it is possible to buy a prepaid credit card. These cards can also be used in street shop are credited to a certain amount before use.

Prepaid Credit Card

You can buy online or in cash at outlets near you (proximities traders). However, it must pay a fee: a fixed amount of the management and / or certain amounts when charging or to each transaction.

6. Monitor Your Accounts

The time of payment is past, and if you have decided to opt for a payment with your card number, you should check that the debited amount corresponds to the order, you have placed by the merchant, especially if you are a used for internet purchases.

Statement of Accounts

Make sure each debit to your bank statements or your online account corresponds to actual purchases. If you find a rate that does not match any of your payments, please contact your bank for an explanation. The sooner the better if you want to cancel a payment or terminate a recurring payment.

7. Do Not Store It

Finally, some sites may offer at the time of payment “remember” your payment information for your convenience during your next purchases. Uncheck to systematically avoid leaving your Trainer card numbers in databases merchants.

If for practical reasons you want to store this card, choose a strong password with uppercase, lowercase, numbers and letters mixed to avoid hacking your account. Of course, never use the same password for multiple websites.