5 Steps To Financing Breast Implants In Michigan

Most of the time, breast implants in Seattle aren’t going to be covered by your insurance provider. You are the one left responsible for paying the costs of the surgery, such as the anesthesia, facility cost and the cost of the implants themselves. Even though the best option might be to pay for your procedure up front, that isn’t always feasible for everyone. Thankfully, there are other options available to you to finance your new implants.

Speak with the Surgeon’s Office

Take the time to talk with the plastic surgeon’s office regarding their financing options. Even though not every surgeon is going to have this as an option, many will offer it as an incentive to help patients get the procedure completed. Discuss the interest rates, payment terms on the loan and the total cost of the procedure.

Find a Special Financing Company

Look for a financing company that offers special financing for cosmetic surgery. Capital One Health Care and Care Credit are two of the main finance companies that can help you arrange for cosmetic surgery financing. They can also offer a referral to one of the surgeons that they have worked with in the past to help narrow down the process for you.

Make sure to talk about the interest rates and terms before you jump into this type of financing. You should be able to find some no-interest plans or those that will allow you to get the implants right away, without having to wait.

Use Your Credit Card

Have you thought about putting the cost of the implants on one of your credit cards? Most of the surgeons are more than willing to accept a credit card as payment on your procedure. As long as your limit is at least $6,000, you will be able to finance your implants and make regular payments to the credit card company until your balance is paid off. Since interest rates on credit cards tend to be slightly higher, you could wind up hurting your credit if you don’t make your payments on time.

Ask Family for a Loan

Ask one of your family members to help with financing the cost of your implants. If it is something that you truly think is going to make you happy, your relative might be willing to loan the money to you to cover the procedure. Write up some type of contract and repayment terms so the loan doesn’t damage your relationship with the family member. Make sure all of the conditions of the loan are outlined to avoid any confusion.

Try Saving Up the Money

Consider taking the time to save the money needed for your implants. Of course, this is going to take longer than if you can do it another way, but it might be the only option you have left to get them done. Open an account at the bank and deposit so much out of your check until you save the total amount needed for the procedure. Saving diligently will get you the implants in no time.