What Is Secondary Glazing?

Auxiliary Glazing includes an alternate thin line window notwithstanding your current windows. It is a practical and productive technique for protecting & sound sealing your windows. By fitting the Secondary Glazing you could spare around 10% on your warming bills. The Energy Saving Trust states that it is a ‘perfect arrangement in the event that you are not able to supplant your current windows with twofold coating’.

Secondary glazing in Essex is ideal for utilization in Listed Buildings and preserving regions. Produced using solid light weight aluminium, it can be made to be exceptionally thin and circumspect. Considered a reversible change, optional coating is prescribed by English Heritage and the Listed Property Owners Club.

We have one of the broadest scopes of Secondary Glazing in the UK, which we have been assembling for long time.

What Is Secondary Glazing?

Sound Proof and Reduces Noise Coming From Windows

The best and cost effective approach to diminish commotion entrance and sound evidence your windows is to fit soundproof secondary glazing. These optional coatings will lessen commotion from outside, however there are sure glass sorts that are superior to others for noise diminishment. Common glass at 4mm thick will fundamentally diminish commotion; however in the event where noise diminishment is central then we propose 6.4mm Laminated or 6.8mm Acoustic glass. These glasses can lessen outer commotion by as much as 75 – 80%, and are thicker and heavier than standard 4mm glass, and will go far to enhance warm execution too. You can further lessen the commotion contamination got notification from the outside world by up to as much as 90% when utilizing our twofold coated Heavy Duty auxiliary coating.

Decrease Heat Loss and Save Money on Your Heating Bills

Regarding sparing vitality, windows and lofts are the prime zones in which warm misfortune can undoubtedly and cost viably be avoided. Secondary glazing in Essex can decrease heat misfortune through your windows by up to half. Normal 4mm “Buoy” glass in optional and will make a huge change to hotness lost, however further enhancements can be made by utilizing “K” glass (which has an exceptional high temperature reflecting covering), 6.4mm Laminated glass or utilizing Heavy Duty auxiliary coating with twofold coated units.

Draft Proofing Your Windows

Old single coated windows give inadequate protection, poor and some of the time ineffectual seals and may off by a long shot appropriately. These disappointments in old windows can prompt chilly drafts and high warming bills. Numerous have taken a stab at fitting draft sealing units purchased from any DIY shops – yet the results are regularly disillusioning. For recorded properties, preservation territories or leased settlement where you can’t bear the cost of or are not allowed to supplant the old windows, numerous propose that you fit auxiliary coating (more data underneath). Soundproof secondary glazing framework has twin brush seals guaranteeing an exceedingly successful quality seal. These auxiliary coating will help keep the draft from your prime windows entering your home for a considerable length of time to come.

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