Top Tips and Tricks For A Smooth Moving Day

Why not ensure your moving day goes as smoothly as possible by following some of these tips and tricks put together to help iron out any creases and ease the stress of last minute packing and rushing around! The key here is planning, planning and more planning! You can never start planning a house or office removal too soon in advance and you won’t be sorry that you created a moving checklist well ahead of time! Being prepared is never more paramount than when moving house, so instead of leaving everything until last minute, get all the hard work done, so you can enjoy a relaxing and enjoyable relocation day!

Once the reliable professional removals company arrives make sure they present you with the agreed upon contract, before they embark on removals and storage. Take a few minutes to read it through carefully and make sure the price is right and that the terms you originally agreed upon are all clearly listed. If the house movers are going to pack your belongings for you, make sure you are present to oversee the procedure. However don’t get in their way… remember they do this for a living and are the professionals! You don’t want to step on their toes do you? Keep your movers hydrated and remember packing is a tough job. Why not offer them a cup of tea and a sandwich throughout the day? A happy worker is a more productive worker!

Top Tips and Tricks For A Smooth Moving Day

Once the packing is complete and the removal van has been loaded with your belongings, you’ll want to conduct a final spot check of your old home to make sure everything has been removed. Look in every wardrobe, drawer, room and nook and cranny to make sure you haven’t left anything behind. Something so many movers forget to do is read their utility meters before leaving their old home. That way when you receive your final bill you can make sure you’re not paying for the new tenants or residents’ electricity!

Remember before bidding farewell to your old home to swap numbers with the removal company employees so you can confer by phone if any problem should arise. If you’ve decided to forego the services of moving companies and hired your own moving van, be sure to drive slowly! The added weight of all your belongings in the back of the van will make the vehicle harder to handle, particularly in bad weather and on slippery roads!

It’s important to arrive before the moving company, as the firm will charge you extra for time wasted. Take a few minutes, while the movers are unloading to make sure all the taps, light switches and toilets in your new home are working and that way you can try to fix the problem before you decide to turn in for the night. Don’t be afraid to designate! Help movers get the job done faster by instructing them which item of furniture or box goes where! If you’ve labelled your boxes with coloured stickers this will also facilitate a faster unloading and placement procedure as you’ll know just by looking what needs to go in which room!

Once the movers have done their side of the work, remember to give them a tip. Good removal services can be hard to come by, particularly with an increasing number of London removals firms sprouting up. When you embark on unpacking make sure to stay organised. Try and book in any service required, like Internet or phone line installation on the same day. Take some tea breaks when you need to and why not make the unpacking process slightly more fun by inviting a friend round to give you a helping hand!

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