The Role Of Facebook In Your Business’s Success

The days when businesses could not survive without having a brick and mortar office or a listing in the phonebook are long gone. These days what every business cannot survive without is a website and more importantly an effective social media presence like a Facebook fan page. The fan page is a profile for your business and the relationships built there can benefit the business in many ways.

Provides another place for the Business Online

Having a Facebook fan page online means in essence that you possess a branding outpost from where your products and services are publicly on display for the media, potential customers, future employees and so on. The fan pages are ‘public’ by default, meaning that people don’t have to be a member of Facebook or even logged in to be able to view the fan page.

Use it to Drive Traffic

Facebook places no restrictions on their fan pages that would limit the amount of traffic you can drive to your business websites. On the contrary, it encourages you to link your business website to your business fan page. If your fan page is really popular then redirecting even a small portion of the traffic from there will boost your website’s traffic substantially.

The Role Of Facebook In Your Business's Success

Engaging the community

A very good feature of the Facebook fan page is the virtually free alternative to implementing any sort of customer engagement services you have on your business website. Your branded fan page will have customers and other brand advocates posting to the wall, sharing pictures and videos, as well as asking and answering questions. If the initial support is too low for your liking, an additional option to Buy Facebook Likes exists which can catapult the popularity of your business fan page.

ROI related data

If you run a business fan page on Facebook, check out the page insights tool and dashboard which help with the analyzing of any marketing and communication data related to the interaction that takes place on the fan page wall. These tools can help the business make adverts to accurately target a specific demographic and boost sales of their product or services.

Keep checks on the competition

If you delay in making sure your presence on Facebook is well known then a competitor might beat you to the punch and build a following long before you manage to. Striking the first blow can mean the difference between success and defeat. Entering Facebook first and establishing yourself as an industry leader can do wonders for the business and leave your competitors scrambling in the dust.