Google Chrome Released The Official Version Updated To 39.0.2171.71

Official version of the full platform Chrome browser updated to 39.0.2171.71 version, which is mainly to upgrade for Adobe Flash, and easy to use web browser that combines a minimal design with sophisticated technology to make the web safer. It has one box for everything:, also fixes a series of releases before the existence of the bug. This version supports native Mac 64-bit with a wide range of new applications and extensions extension API, in addition to the version also brings a lot of core stability and performance optimization. It supports operating system Win xp / vista / win7 / win8 / win10, Linux, Mac OS X.

Google has developed a web browser. The browser is based on open source software built on top WebKit, so Google Chrome users will benefit from the CSS3 features being added to Blink (WebKit fork) as those features are released. The goal is to enhance the stability, speed and security, and to create a simple and efficient interface.  It bundles the Flash plug-in so you don’t have to download it separately and the browser sync function makes it easy to back up and sync your settings across multiple computers.

Google Chrome Released The Official Version Updated To 39.0.2171.71

Chrome 39 New Features

  • Native support for Mac 64-bit place;
  • Extend the application range of new and extended API;
  • Stability and optimize the performance of a large number of cores on;
  • In addition, the release Chrome 39 version also includes 42 security fixes.
  • Built-in browser will prevent “phishing” and malware functions.
  • The Chrome browser extension provides a framework that can be made with Adobe-AIR similar hybrid applications.
  • Javascript V8 virtual machine, the virtual machine can be multithreaded to accelerate the implementation of Javascript.
  • License: Free Edition
  • Adobe Flash support update;

Chrome 64-bit can make better use of today’s hardware, and for the speed, security, stability improvements, the main features are as follows:

Speed: 64 Chrome can take advantage of the latest processor and compiler optimization, a more modern set of instructions, faster call protocol, enabling a large speed increase, especially in the graphics and multimedia content, performance improvement of 25%.

Safety: Chrome OS to take advantage of the latest features, such as Windows High Entropy ASLR 8 and 64-bit Chrome with security but also to achieve a substantial improvement.

Stability: Google Chrome is also enhanced on the basis of 32-bit and 64-bit versions of windows operating system (XP, 7,8) Chrome stability, in particular, the renderer treatment significantly reduced the rate of collapse.


For 32-bit Processor

For 64-bit Processor

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