Netflix Announces Sequel Of ‘Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon’ Will Debut On Netflix and Imax

The world’s largest copyrighted video (films and television) website Netflix was born 17 years ago, Netflix and Hollywood film studios Weinstein Company jointly announced the news. “Crouching Tiger sequel” will in the world in the next year IMax theaters on August 28th, 2015, The major U.S. theatre chains are refusing to show Netflix’ Crouching Tiger, the day, Netflix members do not need to pay separately for the new movie, you can watch the video.

U.S. technology news site Venture beat points out, Netflix move, creating a historical precedent for the first time on the first day by a video site in a new movie release, simultaneous video broadcast on the network.

According to reports, this is not an isolated incident, but Netflix is a plan. Netflix will support multiple Hollywood film shoot, and also provides network-on-demand in the premiere, “Crouching Tiger sequel” is one of them.

Netflix’s content chief officer Ted Sarandon said that now Hollywood must realize that today’s consumer spending for the movie has a new requirement that is in the first day of the cinemas, but also be able to sit at home and enjoy the freedom.

Sarandon said, watching movies in the cinema and watch videos at home, to experience different, so these two consumption actually does not exist competition. Example, such as football games, some people choose to go to the stadium site spectators, but more people choose to sit in front of the TV to enjoy, these two ways of seeing the same are not contradictory.

As we all know, in the drama field, with Netflix, Hulu, Amazon and other sites in the fierce competition in the television drama premiered on the network and broadcast time difference getting smaller and smaller, the audience did not need to wait as in the past several days or even a week, in order to see the broadcast drama.

But in the film industry, Hollywood has been firmly in the control of film distribution time rhythm. In addition to the cinema box office revenue outside of Hollywood, but also from a DVD release, cable TV with premium channels and other channels to obtain subsequent broadcast revenue, key to these revenues, which is good design studios at which time the crowd watch the movie.

Among them, the cinema box office is one of Hollywood’s most important source of income, so you need to leave enough time to reflect cinema.

Obviously, if the first day of the new film release, which provides free on-demand video site, which could split the cinema viewing massive crowd, the other will “ruin” the subsequent DVD release, the film rights sales and other revenue sources.

How orchestrated simultaneously broadcast, cinema and video sites, will be to maximize revenue, will become the new Hollywood film’s challenges.

Venture beat commented, Netflix and the Weinstein film company’s co-lead means traditional movie, broadcast of “time window” is terminated.

It should be noted that, Netflix has been able to do the first day of free broadcast video release, because the film is related to the investment made ​​will have Netflix participation. Several major Hollywood studios, in the absence of the returns promised condition, apparently not easily agree Netflix offers video broadcast premiere day.

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