How Poor Sleep Habits Can Affect Productivity In The Workplace

A good night’s sleep is the base of a healthy day. Sleep is the foundation of overall health, and without proper sleep each night, one can not only experience a wide variety of health issues, but one’s current health issues can become more apparent in everyday life. One common problem that many people experience is trouble focusing at work when they have not gotten appropriate sleep the night before. This may seem like a simple problem to overcome, but poor sleep habits can actually have many more negative effects on work performance.

Poor sleep habits can create a lot of health problems that can cause a person to struggle at work. These problems are not just a nuisance that should be ignored. These problems can escalate into more serious health issues, so they should be dealt with as soon as possible. Everyone who has ever noticed a drop in productivity should try to get to the root of that problem to create a healthier life overall. Here are some of the ways that poor sleep habits can affect productivity in the workplace.

Poor Decision Making

Making big decisions is a common part of many people’s jobs. People have to be prepared to make decisions on a regular basis that affect every other aspect of their job and even their life. Not getting enough sleep each night can limit a person’s ability to make clear and well thought out decisions. This can cause big problems and major mistakes that can even result in the loss of a job. People should aim to get at least 8 hours of sleep each night in order to avoid this issue.


Irritability may just seem like an issue that can be annoying for people to deal with, but in the workplace, irritability can cause some serious issues. Irritability from lack of sleep can make people snap at their coworkers or even bosses. Those who work in customer service especially need to be careful about the way they act around customers, so if they are irritable from lack of sleep, the company could lose a customer because of it. Everyone should try to engage in some form of physical activity daily to sleep better each night and be less irritable each day.

Lapses in Memory

Lapses in memory from lack of sleep are more common than one might think. Lack of sleep can cause the brain to experience difficulty retaining information, which can be extremely detrimental to any workplace professional. This could be a sign of an underlying condition like sleep apnea. One should consult CPAPMan to get the treatment needed for sleep apnea to maintain memories and retain more information.

Higher Stress Levels

Stress is a common issue for many people in the workplace. Therefore, most people want to do everything they can to avoid creating more stress in their lives. Lack of sleep can actually make people feel more stressed every day and raise their blood pressure, even if there are no new stressors present in their lives. Everyone can try relaxing with some tea and a book before bed to get a more restful night’s sleep and combat stress daily.

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