BMW Unveils New-generation Mini Cooper

Car! The word itself is inducing enough to dream of the best branded cars. And when it comes to name a brand, how can you avoid the sumptuous BMW. Its uniquely designed cars make the jaws drop and eyes popped out. The new generation mini cooper is now the hot topic. Designed impeccably, the Cooper is getting a lot of attention.

The All New Engineered Mini Cooper

The first look of the new generation Cooper is just mesmerizing. The sturdy look both from inside and outside compels a person to take a test drive.

  • A choice of five colors is what the BMW is providing. The unique colors are very vibrant and is best suited for the Mini Cooper.
  • In comparison, the new Cooper has better leg space, longer, taller and wider. This has helped in giving a better boot space to give you a joyful ride.
  • Steep windscreens, sharp creases, and the new LED based taillights and headlights are worth acknowledging.
  • The interior designing of the car has been smartly done. Encircled by LED ring, more acoustic and visual feedback is offered by the panel.
  • To help you read the speed easily, it has been shifted to the steering column. So now when you drive in the luxurious Mini Cooper, know the speed instantly without moving your head to either side!
  • The princely Mini Cooper is supplied by turbo charged petrol engines. If you are desiring for a diesel driven Cooper even that is available. The engine helps in improving the fuel efficiency by almost 27 percent. The performance is also meliorated by 10 percent.

The Mini Cooper History

The history of this stunning auto wouldn’t be finished without a notice of the joint effort between the two key players in its improvement and outline – the Cooper Car Company and the British Motor Company (Bmc).

The first Mini was produced in the 1950s by the Bmc as a team. It initially was conceptualized as a response to the issue of fuel lack and the call for additional productive autos suited for city-driving. It was planned as a two entryway, 4 barrel motor auto and a monocoque shell which implied the external “skin” of the vehicle backed the main part of the vehicle’s weight.

Mini Advantages

The crowd puller look- with the beautiful interiors along with aircraft flair switches makes it a must to buy.

Riding becomes fun- you would just enjoy your ride when you are seated in the Mini Cooper. The functions are easy to handle. The amazing speed will make you go haywire. Enjoyment is the keyword.

Understands the ill effects of pollution- the reduced carbon dioxide emission has concluded that the Mini Cooper has respected the mother earth.

Safety- the best part is that you feel safe when you are riding this car. The brakes are excellent, the air-bags are well built to protect your shoulder and head. It also has a skid system control.

The all new Mini Cooper has provided all the comfort that a rider needs. Get DSA Practical Test and have an adventurous ride in the Cooper.

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