Travel Safely With Your Family On Holiday

Millions of families, friends and prepare for the summer holidays, which means that hundreds and thousands of cars will be on the roads during these months. The cities in the Midwest are emptied to fill the coast. This involves long hours of travel that many decide to go by train or plane, but many drives.

Many drivers often underestimate the importance of going on a trip prepared. Most accidents occur in summer and often should not give enough importance to good driving behind the wheel. Therefore, Goodyear has developed 6 major tips to keep in mind before you get to your car.

6 Tips for Holiday Driving

1. Be Prepared:

This may sound obvious, but often a lack of preparation can turn small problems into big headaches when driving. Always check that you have packed everything you’ve left your house under control and that you have agreed with your friends or family to collect the mail and feed your pet. This avoids stressful calls while driving or having to turn around. A list of books also helps.

2. Being Rested:

This applies to the driver and passengers both. Never be underestimated physically exhausting it is a long journey, especially on roads you do not know or heavy traffic. Drivers should be well rested and fully aware of their surroundings while travelling. Passengers rested also help reduce stress in the car!

Travel Safely With Your Family On Holiday

3. Pack Appropriately:

This is a typical game when we travel: find vehicles that are overloaded baggage for vacation while you circulate to your destination. Avoid overloading your vehicle and think twice about what you’re taking. For example, a beach umbrella may seem important, but if protruding from the passenger area of the vehicle may be worth buying or renting a destination. One solution is to place it in the cow roof of your car, to better distribute the load.

4. Research Your Route:

A GPS is a wonderful invention, but a little study on driving time, the roads to take and possible stops significantly reduce stress in advance.

5. Check the Tires:

Make sure the tires are in good working order is also important to have a safe and comfortable journey. Do not just check the tread on the tires, but also ensure that they are optimally inflated to match the needs of a fully loaded car. If you bring a caravan or a trailer, you need to ensure that the tires are in good condition, not to mention double check the latch mechanisms and circuits to verify that all other necessary and rear lights are operating.

6. Use only the Emergency Lane when Absolutely Necessary :

These lanes are designed for emergency situations, but not guarantee your safety Trucks and cars pass at a distance of only a few meters, so stop the car where possible and safe, wear a reflective vest, turn on the hazard lights and protects everyone behind the curtain. If you have a child sick or in need, it is best to try to get to the next gas station, where you can park safely.

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