Samsung Partners Facebook’s Oculus Unveil ‘Gear VR’ Headset

Samsung launched Gear VR virtual reality headsets, this is like the science fiction of the technology came out just return the spotlight again.

Dreamer” with the “doer”

In fact, it is hard to promote virtual reality technology, for users and developers, not personally wear experienced, you can never really feel it’s shocking. However, due to the cost of production and the actual wear and many other issues, such as the experience interactive and very difficult to watch, as the popularity of cell phones or smart. But this good, “doer” Samsung with the “dreamer” Oculus Rift cooperation together.

It is understood that Samsung Gear VR headset equipped with Oculus virtual technology, user-level resolution through its built-2K Super AMOLED screen, you can put directly on the screen Note 4 “transfer” to their eyes. With Sony’s huge Project Morphus headset different positioning Note 4 accessories Gear VR to light some, 96 ° ultra-wide-angle video support, coupled with Gear, Circle Bluetooth headset, if that is the “face of mobile cinema.” In addition, because it also supports 360 ° panoramic travel and games, many people will face virtual experience era seems to be coming true.

Samsung Partners Facebook’s Oculus Unveil ‘Gear VR’ Headset

Touchstone Oculus need more than the Samsung

Many people think, Gear VR is an Oculus Rift mobile version, although it should be called a “semi.”

Acer America Bridge Trust BTIG analyst Richard Greenfield believes that in the past, the price is too high is a major factor in the popularity of virtual reality equipment cannot, but now, “buy a mobile phone, when in fact it has been for such a (virtual reality) prepaid section ‘deposit’ a ‘, although Gear VR sale also get real autumn, but it “or really quick to promote this technology, its speed of fast, on the first half, even cutting-edge science and technology circle may not be able to expect.”

Of course, faceless Gear VR is bound to have many defects, such as its vaunted “innovation Edition” – pixel is slightly lower, the weight is not light, the lack of action Rift own DK2 headset tracking technology, this technology will undoubtedly slightly jerky let Gear VR harder temporarily out of “semi” stage. Although a lot of problems, but these are nothing in the eyes of Samsung, as long as to make their products more appealing, whether it is someone’s technology, as long as cooperation, all are accepted!

However, Oculus technical side of everything is different. In the short term, in collaboration with Samsung will help train users of virtual reality technology, which experienced the delivery date on the order one million foreseeable future Oculus, presumably know better than anyone else.

Oculus chief technical director John Carmack said the partnership is “pioneering step” because they clearly need a strategically advantageous position of virtual reality Samsung need it even more than – no matter how Facebook as big as it promised financial support from the product itself, choose cooperation with Samsung are correct. The more exposure, the most attention, the more potential consumers, but also because of this, Gear VR for this wedding dress for Oculus crucial.

However, in the long run, Oculus with Samsung’s exclusive competition is inevitable, after all, who can carry their own proprietary mobile platform virtual reality technology, who can be a real winner. Today, Gear VR Samsung coat wearing, but their heart is “Oculus Home (main screen)”, “Oculus Cinema (camera)”, “Oculus 360 Videos (360 videos),” and “Oculus 360 Photos (360 photos).” For others to make the wedding dress? Whether Samsung also, or Oculus, are not a permanent solution.

Gear VR success or failure of the Oculus is a success: become, Oculus can accumulate this collaboration with Samsung to be used on their own first-hand feedback Rift headset, making it more grounded air children; defeated, Oculus there is no worth embarrassing, after all, only a “technical cooperation”, continue to bury ourselves in their four-wheel drive high-definition display. Such a good sale, why not?

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