Diet To Have A Healthy Heart

To keep your heart in perfect shape weight control and regular exercise are essential. A diet that is healthy for the heart can reduce by 80% the chances of stroke accidents or diseases of the heart type.

Foods to Lower Cholesterol

High levels of cholesterol manage to increase the risk of heart disease so it is necessary to control it and to do the diet is essential. To do this you must avoid trans fats or saturated found in foods like cookies packaged or chips which can potentially increase the level of cholesterol in a much more meaningful way than other foods that do contain cholesterol such as eggs.

Therefore choose foods that are high in fibre, unsaturated fats and proteins such as vegetables, fruits, fish, nuts, beans and seeds. Also consider that food labels can be misleading. And is that those packaging that reads “low cholesterol” or “cholesterol free,” not necessarily be healthy for the heart and could even contain cholesterol therefore putting your heart at risk. Should be limited wherever possible to basics, i.e. to nuts, fruits, vegetables and lean proteins.

Saturated fats are an obstacle to a healthy heart but unsaturated fats are essential for optimal health. The latter include Omega 3 fatty acids found is fish like trout, salmon and flaxseed, canola oil and walnuts.

Unsaturated fats include Omega 6 fatty acids found in many types of seeds, soy nuts and vegetable oils. Finally include monounsaturated fats in cashews available in almonds, in peanuts, in avocados and nuts.

You need to Eat More

In your diet you should eat more healthy fats available in olive oil in raw nuts in linseed in fish oils and avocados. You will also need to take more nutrients than are available in vegetables and fruits; more fibre, you’ll find breads, cereals and legumes; more omega 3 and available protein in poultry in seafood and fish and more protein and calcium than can be obtained from the egg whites, skim milk and cheeses.

You need to Eat Less

Moreover it is necessary to avoid foods containing trans fats from fried foods, red meat or dairy foods. You should also avoid eating any packaged food, especially those that are high in sodium; white bread and refined pasta or rice.

Conducting an analytical and a medical examination may reveal the presence of related cardiovascular risk when they have not yet manifested diseases.

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