Benefits Of Eating Together As A Family

How many times you share the table with your children, with your husband, your parents…? Due to time constraints or business, the opportunity to meet for lunch or dinner sometimes relegated to the weekends.

If the failure occurs because the mom or dad work late, will have to resign. But if bad habits are “disintegrated” the family table, it is worth considering that feeding children is not only composed of food but also of affection .

Family meals provide parents the opportunity to address the emotional welfare of their children. Sitting down together at the table creates many advantages for children: improved family and social cohesion, education and help achieve better eating habits. A child will eat better if you are comfortable and accompanied.

Children who eat with other children and adults end up learning and socializing behaviors. Imitate adults about the food they eat, how much they eat and how they do it.

Benefits of Eating together as a Family

– Family and social cohesion. Share meals reinforce interaction and family identity. By meals have discussions with our children in which we do exchange stories and learn from each other. Turn off the TV and focus on the conversation with your family helps to improve their language and them get greater communication skills.

– Help educate. Beyond knowing how to set the table or the proper way to take the knife, family meals promotes values ??such as generosity, for example, to share the part that likes a guest or his brother, listening and not interrupt adults or wait up until everyone has finished eating. In these cases develop three key aspects to good living: generosity, patience and effort.

– Improved eating habits. Eating together gives you the opportunity to teach children about healthy eating. It has demonstrated the positive impact of family meals on childhood obesity show that family meals reduced by 12 percent the risk of the child suffering from obesity. Family meals are associated with increased consumption of fruits, vegetables, grains and calcium-rich products, and lower consumption of fried foods and soft drinks.

– Avoid risky behaviors in adolescents. Teens are in a period of constant pressure from the group where it will be instigated risk behaviors to their health: smoking, drinking, try illegal substances … Expert shows that families who eat together reduce the possibility that the teen will be doing these practices are harmful to your health.

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