5 Types Of Investment To Look Into This Fall

The summer is just about to be over an the upcoming fall brings inn a breath of cool wind together with just enough time to check out new investing ideas. In our journey to find the perfect investment we have found that there are several types of investors and each one has a different approach and preferences when it comes to investing ideas.

We have ranked our investing ideas from 1-5 in accordance to the risk profit ratio they have to offer.

  1. Saving account – opening a savings account is an investment method most of have done at one point of our lives, it is the most common way of investment which insures the saved money is linked the ongoing interest rate. In the past when interest rates were at their peak levels investors could have made a rather nice profit by putting their money into a savings account, such profit was still conservative but was a safe place to put your money in. With today’s interest rates, most investors are refraining this type of investment and are seeking investments with higher returns.
  2. Long term deposits – similar to a savings account with one major difference; committing to a longer saving period. While a normal savings account allows you to liquidate you savings at any given time a long term deposit “locks” you in for an agreed period of time of at least 6 months. This type of investment also produces a rather low return.
  3. Property investments – while most investments don’t require high capital, property investment are suitable for investor who have enough capital which can support a rather high investment. In the past property investments were considered a rather low risk investment, nowadays property investments are much riskier and could also lead to high losses although today’s market also hold many investment opportunities especially for investors who have the time to wait for a market recovery.
  4. Stock market shares – buying a company’s share on the Stock Market is similar to actually buying a very small part of a company. Investors who use this method are willing to link their money to the selected company’s results; if the company does well and its stocks prices rise then the investor can make high profits, if shares price goes down then the investor will have lost. In the stock market profit or loss is calculated once you sell your positions, only then can you know whether you have made money or lost.
  5. Digital trading –digital trading allows investors to trade any existing financial asset under one umbrella; Stock, Currency Pairs, Indices and Commodities are all available and can be easily traded on an online platform. The reason why this type of trading is gaining altitude is to do with a low capital need, high accessibility and ease of use. Online trading is also known as binary options trading and is based on a simple high low prediction. Your investment only has to match a financial assets price movement; Call if you believe the price will rise and Put if you believe the price will fall. Results are almost instant and take from 30 seconds and up to a 15 and 30 minutes. Although this type of investment contains high risk, investors seem to like it due to its extremely high profits.
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