28th September “World Rabies Day”: Know Few Important Things About This Dangerous Disease

People ignored the word Rabies disease; it was one of the dangerous diseases which lead people to death. All country’s government has special interests on this particular disease. Remembering September 28th as World Rabies Day this has been recognized by the United Nations since the year 2007. Countries celebrated the Rabies day behalf of Louis Pasteur death anniversary because he is the first person to develop the Rabies Vaccine.

Rabies is an incurable disease causes inflammation to brain and eventually led people to death, and there is no way to stop the disease if it has begun to start on the patient’s body, death is the only way to end the Rabies Disease. Globally, there are up to 55,000 deaths annually there for vaccination is the most important to get away from the rabies.

Rabies is caused by the bite of the infected animals, such as dog and bat, most commonly people around the world rabies disease is caused by dog bite comparing to bat bite. It is dangerous and caused mainly by non-vaccinated dogs. Developing Countries like India and other subcontinent are higher risk of Rabies disease. The main reason is ignoring dog bite, not having proper treatment and some ignoring specified rules to follow; also there is 30 million stray dog population in India. In private clinics, dog bite vaccination is expensive, but an In Countries public hospital there is free of cost treatment for non-vaccinated dog bite.

28th September “World Rabies Day”: Know Few Important Things About This Dangerous Disease

Few important things you must know About Rabies Disease

  1. The symptoms of rabies disease won’t occur immediately in the patient, but vaccination must be taken within 48 hours or within in one week to prevent rabies disease.
  2. There are cases of rabies patients may occur within 1 week or may take time up to six years, this depends upon the bite, it takes time because the virus must reach the central nervous system before the occurrence of symptoms. Eventually the diseases will attack the patient’s brain and spinal cords, then later the symptoms are clearly seen in the patient.
  3. This disease includes WebMD rabies symptoms which feel like influenza, the patient has similar symptoms like fever, tingling at the spot of the bite. Then later, after a few days the person changes to violent and will have a fear of water, and shortly fells to paralysis of the whole body and inability to consume food. The person will be behaving little weird with people like confusion, memory loss, sudden unconscious and he will attempt to bite another, also like paranoia anxiety, vision loss and may also suffer from hallucination too. And the result of all this problem drags him until death.

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