Obama Leaves DC For Massachusetts Island Vacation

President Barack Obama on Saturday left Washington for his recognizable spot on Martha’s Vineyard for a two-week summer get-away, which comes as the US is occupied with airstrikes against Islamic aggressor focuses in Iraq.

Obama, alongside wife Michelle, girl Malia and pooches Bo and Sunny, landed at a Coast Guard station on Cape Cod before taking to the island off the Massachusetts coast. The presidential motorcade wove its path around Martha’s Vineyard before pulling down a disengaged drive that prompted the Obamas’ leased excursion house.

The president used only 30 minutes at the house before taking off for the green. Joining Obama for a round at the Farm Neck Golf Club were previous NFL player Ahmad Rashad, NBA player Ray Allen, and Cyrus Walker, the cousin of White House senior counsel Valerie Jarrett.

Obama has used at any rate piece of his mid year in Martha’s Vineyard every year he has been president aside from 2012, when he was running for re-decision. In an uncommon turn, he’s separating his get-away with a two-day come back to Washington halfway through the outing.

Obama’s counsels have been cagey regarding why the president is coming back to Washington, saying just that he plans to hold in-individual gatherings at the White House.

The president regularly keeps a low-profile on his yearly summer get-aways, making the incidental visit into town and playing a few rounds of golf. Be that as it may he will feature a Democratic pledge drive on the island on Monday night.

Before withdrawing Washington on Saturday, Obama advised journalists that he was prepared “to not have a suit on for some time.”

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